HMRC Let Property Campaign: Encouraging Landlords to Regularize Tax Affairs

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For landlords, accurately reporting rental income and fulfilling tax obligations is of utmost importance. However, errors or omissions in tax filings can occur, often unintentionally. To encourage landlords to rectify any tax irregularities related to rental income, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) launched the Let Property Campaign. This campaign provides landlords with an opportunity to voluntarily disclose and correct any tax discrepancies, promoting compliance and offering a path to regularize their tax affairs. In this article, we will explore the key aspects of HMRC’s Let Property Campaign and its role in assisting landlords to address tax issues associated with rental income.

Understanding the Let Property Campaign

The Let Property Campaign is a program introduced by HMRC specifically targeting landlords who have failed to disclose rental income or have inaccurately reported their rental activities. It aims to encourage landlords to come forward voluntarily, disclose any tax irregularities, and settle any outstanding tax liabilities. By participating in the campaign, landlords can avoid the potentially severe penalties that may be imposed if HMRC were to discover the discrepancies independently.

Eligibility for the Let Property Campaign

The Let Property Campaign is open to all residential property landlords who have rental income to declare, regardless of the number of properties they own or whether they are individuals or companies. It applies to various types of rental arrangements, including short-term and holiday lets. However, it’s important to note that the campaign may not be suitable for cases involving deliberate tax evasion or fraud, which may be subject to different procedures and penalties.

Benefits of Participating in the Let Property Campaign

  1. Mitigation of Penalties: By voluntarily disclosing and correcting tax irregularities through the Let Property Campaign, landlords can mitigate the penalties that may be imposed if HMRC were to discover the discrepancies independently. This includes reducing the potential for additional tax-related investigations, financial penalties, and legal consequences.

  2. Regularization of Tax Affairs: Participating in the campaign allows landlords to regularize their tax affairs related to rental income. By making a voluntary disclosure, landlords can rectify any past omissions, correct inaccurate tax returns, and ensure compliance with their tax obligations going forward.

  3. Peace of Mind: Utilizing the Let Property Campaign provides landlords with peace of mind, knowing that they have taken the necessary steps to correct any tax irregularities related to their rental activities. It allows them to move forward with confidence, knowing their tax affairs are in order.

  4. Assistance and Support: The Let Property Campaign offers support and guidance to landlords throughout the disclosure process. HMRC provides resources, including dedicated helplines and online tools, to assist landlords in understanding their tax obligations, making disclosures, and settling any outstanding liabilities.

Process of Participating in the Let Property Campaign

  1. Notification: Landlords interested in participating in the Let Property Campaign must notify HMRC of their intention to make a voluntary disclosure. This can be done by submitting a formal notification or contacting HMRC directly.

  2. Disclosure: After notifying HMRC, landlords must provide a full and accurate disclosure of their rental income and any tax irregularities. This includes providing supporting documentation, such as rental agreements, bank statements, and expense records, to facilitate accurate assessments.

  3. Settlement and Payment: Once the disclosure is made, HMRC will assess the tax liabilities based on the information provided. Landlords will be notified of the tax due, including any interest or penalties. Payment arrangements can be made to settle the outstanding liabilities.

  4. Future Compliance: The Let Property Campaign emphasizes the importance of future tax compliance. Landlords are encouraged to ensure their rental income is accurately reported and their tax affairs remain in order to avoid similar issues in the future.


HMRC’s Let Property Campaign provides a valuable opportunity for landlords to voluntarily disclose and correct any tax irregularities associated with rental income. By participating in the campaign, landlords can mitigate penalties, regularize their tax affairs, and achieve peace of mind regarding their tax obligations. The Let Property Campaign promotes compliance and offers support to landlords throughout the disclosure process. For landlords seeking to rectify tax discrepancies related to rental income, this campaign offers a clear path to resolve issues, ensure compliance, and maintain a positive landlord-tenant relationship.

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